Certain disabilities can make it hard to manoeuvre around the typical structure of a home. This is why your residential property needs to be adapted to fit the needs of others and yourself. You want to make it more accessible and comfortable for all.

Your home should fit you and your needs, which is why we offer disabled living adaptations to make moving around your home easier.

We have put together a list of 4 ways to make your home more accessible and easier to move around. Whether for yourself, your tenant or a family member, these additions could make all the difference.

Access Changes

For many, stairs are more than a nuisance. They can stop you from enjoying part of your home, which is why we offer access changes. We can alter doors to fit your needs, and introduce ramps to help you get from point A to B independently.

We can discuss your requirements, and we will share the possible adaptations with you based on those needs.

Mobility Adaptations

Our Mobility adaptations improve the functionality of your home. For example, we can fit handrails in crucial areas around your home where you might need additional assistance. For instance, we can place handrails near your bed, in your bathroom and even close to frequently used chairs.

We offer mobility adaptations to make your life easier, as we understand the importance of holding onto your independence, through functional details such as these.

Bathroom Adaptations

We can update your bathroom with our bathroom adaptations. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get into your bathroom in your own home, let alone use it. This is why we have a few ways to improve the quality and functionality of your bathroom. As mentioned, we can introduce handrails, as well as update your bathtub and accessibility.

Kitchen Redesign

It is not just the bathroom that can have a makeover, but we can also help update your kitchen with a much-needed redesign. We will optimise your space and discuss possible adaptations with you before presenting your new kitchen design. The aim is to build it to suit your needs and interests.


We are happy to help answer any questions that have arisen while reading through this post which discusses 4 ways to make your home more accessible. We have extensive experience providing disabled residential fittings and can assist you with your residential or even commercial adaptations. Contact our team at Albino Builders today.