When you are building your dream home for the first time, there can be many decisions to make. For some people, it is an easy task because they have done this before. But if you are new to this process, then it can seem like too much information at once. You might have trouble deciding what furniture to buy or where your garage should go – but don’t worry our experts have compiled a list to help you decide when constructing your new home.

1. Don’t Cut Corners When it Comes to the Foundation

Determining the foundation of your home is an important decision. After all, it will be what supports everything else that you build on top! It’s worth investing in a quality builder and making sure they take their time to ensure a strong and sturdy design.

You want to make sure that when building your dream house, you have chosen materials like stone or concrete for the base so there are no unexpected issues down the road.

Here at Albino Builders, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers get exactly what they need without any surprises. If you’re not careful with this process- it could turn into something very expensive (and regrettable) later on! So always keep these things in mind when building your new home.

2. Stay Away from Using Cheap Materials

The materials of your exterior are responsible for the longevity and beauty of it, so you want to make sure they last.

Don’t use cheap materials on your home’s exterior like vinyl siding or particleboard. These components are in charge of the lifespan and appearance of the house, so you want them to do their job well long-term.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

Make sure that your home will have plenty of storage space so you don’t end up living out of boxes. If there is not enough room for all the things we want to store somewhere safe and accessible, we’re going to find ourselves checking our basement or attic on a regular basis when trying to get anything done.

The best thing that you can do is to limit how much stuff comes into the house in the first place. If there’s not enough room, it doesn’t matter if we have a storage unit outside – eventually those things will come back inside and take up even more of our space.

If you know that your family is going to grow, it might be a good idea to start planning for the future. Building a home extension may give you the room you need.

4. Be Wary of Building Too Many Rooms

Be wary of building too many rooms on the first floor since they’ll be more difficult to maintain. On that note, if you are going with an open concept design then the same rule applies – so just think about how much time these spaces will take when trying to clean them!

Another thing we learned was that in order for your home to stay fresh and clean, it’s important not to take a lower ceiling type like a ranch house if you’re living in a low height home.

5. What Heating and Cooling System Will Work Best for Your Climate

Spend some time considering what kind of heating and cooling system will work best for your climate before construction begins. If you live in an area where it gets cold, be sure to install insulation from top to bottom as well as thermal window treatments on all windows.

6. Choose a Good Location

The location of your home is a very important factor in the overall building process. You don’t want to build on land that doesn’t offer any amenities or schools, parks, and other things nearby.

This will make it easier for you and your family to settle into a new environment where you’ll be surrounded by friends with similar interests as well as have easy access to all of life’s necessities! All while being close enough to work so commuting time isn’t wasted away every day!


These six tips may seem small, but they can actually make a big impact on the way your house feels and functions for years to come. If you want more information about how these flaws in design will affect your life or have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, please contact us! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect home that matches all of your needs so you don’t end up making costly mistakes like these.