This educational blog post will share practical advice that homeowners should take on board. This advice will involve what should be included in a reliable building work quote and will also give information on what to be wary of before accepting.

If you are unsure about anything after reading this blog post, we advise seeking professional assistance. Albino Builders is a building and specialist service that has over 40 years of commitment to the building industry.

These tips aim to save you time, money, and will hopefully reduce stress during the building work process.

The first price

Typically, people suggest gaining three quotes before deciding on one. In one way, this is good as you get to see if there is room to save money; however, it is also time-consuming. If you find a quote and team you are happy with, you can go with the first quote you receive.

Be clear

Make sure you know what you want before you call for a quote. Be clear, be in control, and don’t alter your plans as this means you are not 110% sure what you want.

Be realistic

Of course, you should go in with an idea about how much you should be paying, but don’t expect it to be a similar price to what your neighbour paid four years ago, for example. Your project is different, which means you might have to pay for unexpected elements.
Know whom you are working with

Unfortunately, many scam artists in the world will seek to take your money and run. Make sure you know who you are working with. Look for recommendations, check reviews, and never work with someone who knocks on your door asking to do some work for you without checking their background first.

Small print matters

Before you agree to anything, make sure you read the small print of the contract, which you should double and even triple check before signing. The agreement should detail what the project involves and how much everything will cost.
You need to make sure that you are getting what you asked for before signing ANYTHING.
Our final tip is to always ask for a quote NEVER an estimate. You need to know precisely how much the work will be, not be surprised when the price exceeds the forecasted amount at the end.

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