Maintaining your independence is something that we all want to do, and a disability or old age can sometimes get in the way of us living how we want to live. If you suffer with mobility problems or you find movement difficult, you no longer have to leave the home you love. With a few simple adaptations to your home you can regain your independence and live with confidence once more.

Little things that so many of us take for granted can be a real problem for anyone suffering from a disability or mobility issue. Tasks such as taking a shower, going to the toilet and washing can be so difficult without the right adaptations. If you would like to shower with ease once more, the installation of a low level, walk in shower or even the design of a dedicated wet room can make all the difference.

Next, there’s the kitchen. Do you need units that are easier to reach or more accessible? Adaptations can be made to your kitchen to improve the layout to give you more freedom to cook yourself a meal or make a cup of tea. Grant adaptations can also cover creating more space in your kitchen to fit in with your needs. Worktops can be lowered, cabinets adjusted, and sockets moved so accessing everything you need is made much easier.

If you struggle to use the stairs or access your home safely, there are a range of adaptations that can be installed such as grab rails, ramps and lifts to help you move around more freely. A ramp or step can be installed wherever you would like them to be and they give you back the confidence you need to move around your home with ease, whether you’re venturing out into the garden or popping out to the shops.

The interior of your home can also be adapted too. If you are a wheelchair user, you might find that you would benefit from the doors being widened so you can move around easier. The additional space will be so welcome.

Some of the most popular disabled adaptations include:

  • Creating a ground floor wet room.


  • Constructing a ground floor extension.


  • Adapting the lighting, heating or other controls to make them easier to reach.


  • Handrails and grab rails.


  • Reduced height steps and ramps.


  • Kitchen redesign to aid movement and make tasks easier


If you think your home would benefit from an adaptation, our team is always happy to offer advice.