There will be times when you will need some electrical work carried out, whether this is something simple or a more complex task. It is so important that for any type of electrical work you use a qualified and experienced electrical contractor. Failure to do so can result in injury, fire and in the worst cases fatalities. An electrician should have Part P qualifications to undertake electrical work and this is the most important qualification that you should check that they have. There are lots of risks that can be associated with electrical work and you can never take any chances. In this guide, we will take you through some of the most serious risks associated with poor electrical work.

#1 Fatalities

By far, the most serious implication of poorly installed electrics is a fatality. Any electrical device that runs a current can kill and the voltage doesn’t have to be very high, a shock of 100mA can prove fatal. Even a current as low as 10mA can deliver a serious shock and it is not unheard of for currents at this level to cause death. It is so important that electricians know what they are doing, and wiring is both safe and completed correctly.

#2 Injury

Electrical sockets and connections can wear over time, so they do need to be checked and if necessary, replaced on a regular basis. These repairs need to be carried out correctly otherwise they can result in electric shock and injury to homeowners who use them. #3 Electrical Fire

Fire can be caused by faulty electrical outlets if for example they haven’t been wired properly. Electrical fires can take hold very quickly which can result in serious and significant damage to property.

#4 Appliance Damage

Many appliances that we use and rely upon every day from the washing machine to the television and dishwasher to dryer could cause problems if they are connected to an incorrectly wired socket. Appliances can be destroyed or damaged particularly if sockets are overloaded. Internal circuit breakers in sockets may not work as they should causing significant problems.

Electrical work such as changing light fittings, repairing sockets or rewiring something should always be undertaken by a qualified electrician. You can never be too careful with electrics and skilled contractors will always ensure that the work they have completed is safe, undertaken to industry standards and regulations and if needed signed off and certificates issued.