This blog post will discuss how Albino Builders lessen disruption and stress to care home residents when carrying out building works in care situations. We work closely with housing charities, and we can provide a cost-effective service, without compromising on the quality of the workmanship.

We offer regular and ad hoc work which covers general building maintenance, servicing, repairs, heating, plumbing, electrical and general building work.


The main issue of why building work tends to go awry is because there is a lack of communication. We want the building work to run smoothly and we want to complete the job to a high standard for the least amount of time. Communication allows our team to carry out the work quickly and efficiently as we will understand your vision.

Talking to each other, in person or via email, will also allow us to be aware of any critical events occurring at the care home and alter our schedule accordingly. Whether you have families visiting, pre-planned events or even unforeseen circumstances, you should make our team aware.

Open communication means that we can make sure we are ensuring minimal disruption to care residents.


To ensure minimal disruption, we recommend separating the building site from the rest of the care home, if possible. We do not know the condition of your residents; therefore, their safety is a top priority. We want to minimise the risk to any residents, which means that if sectioning off a corridor or even floor is the best way to keep residents safe, we will do that.


To further keep residents safe, we will not undertake any building work in occupied rooms. We will have tools and materials that could be potentially dangerous to your residents, which is why we try to minimise contact.

To further safety and to minimise disruption to care, residents, if we do require access to a resident’s room, we advise a staff member, who is familiar with them to accompany us. By having a familiar face with us, it will make the residents feel more at ease.

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With over 40 years of commitment to the building industry, our team is prepared for any building work you require. We want to ensure minimal disruption to care residents when carrying out building work, so if you have any concerns, you can contact us today.