As the cost of utilities continues to increase every year, there are lots of ways that you can help the environment and save money too by using renewable energy solutions. If it’s something that you’ve always considered but you don’t really know where to start or what options are available, this guide will walk you through the different types of renewables and outline some of the benefits associated with investing in renewable energy at home.

Wind Turbines: Not on the same scale as the ones that you see out at sea or in wind farms, you can have a smaller wind turbine on your property that can still supplement the power to your home.

Solar oven: If you don’t want to power your home with all renewable energy because that’s a huge task. A solar oven is one that uses the power of sunlight, trapping the light to heat your food.

Hydro power: Perfect if you live near to a water source such as a river or a stream. Turbines can be installed that generate quite a bit of electricity.

Solar power: Solar panels are commonplace in many homes and you’ll often see them fitted to roofs. However, there is another alternative solar water heaters. They use the power of the sun to heat water which is then pumped through your hot water system such as the shower or taps.

So now you have an idea of some of the different types of renewables, let’s take a look at the benefits of using this power source for your home:

Cost Savings
By far the greatest benefit that you will experience from your renewables is the cost savings on your energy bills. Solar powered can reduce your bills and is clean to use too.

Free heating
Ground source heat pumps (although not usually suitable for houses, they can work well for flats or businesses) use a pump located underground. Heat is drawn up from the ground as liquid is pumped around the tube. Although the heat is a low level heat, it can be used to heat full buildings.

Increases the value of your home – Any renewable energy source connected to your home that helps the owners save money on their bills will always increase the value of a property.

Renewable energy is definitely something to explore. Not only is it kinder on the environment than traditional sources of powering your home, it can generate cost savings too.