Renovation for a home can be a time-consuming and costly process depending on the level of renovation required. Understanding the potential costs you need to consider is key to not only getting accurate quotes but also understanding what your budget is.
That’s why, in this blog, we are providing you with answers to the question ‘How much will it cost to renovate a house?’
As a family-run business that has been operating for over 40 years, we at Albino Builders have seen plenty of builds of various types, and have decided to share our experiences with you.
Our team covers a range of builds within commercial and residential environments. From hotels and businesses, to care homes, to house renovations, and so much more, we may just have the expertise you need.

What Is Renovation?

As defined by The National Regulations, the term renovate is defined as either:
Construction, demolition, removal or relocation of a building or other fixed structure (or part of a building or other fixed structure).
Carrying out structural alterations on a building or other fixed structure.

People usually opt for renovations for various reasons including…

  1. They have just moved into an older house in need of restoration.
  2. Modernising the home to make it in line with the occupant’s vision.
  3. An occupant requires a change in the structure of the house to accommodate them.
To increase the value of the house to sell it for profit.

Do houses need renovations?

Every single house does not need renovations. It is purely down to the state of the house and the wishes of the homeowner. A renovation is only necessary if the home is in a state of disrepair.

How Much Will It Cost to Renovate a House?

If we’re talking about averages, a 3-bedroom house can cost around £77,000 to renovate on average. However, we are well aware that everybody has unique circumstances, whether this be their home, what needs renovating, who they choose to facilitate the renovation and the appliances and furniture etc that they opt for.

When it comes to renovating a house, there are an array of factors that must be considered before attempting to renovate. The factors we will be highlighting are relevant to a home renovation that does not include an extension.

Additional factors to consider if an extension is part of your renovation will be mentioned afterwards.

Home renovation factors

Knowing what needs renovation

What will be renovated? Is it just a single room? Is it the whole upstairs, or the whole downstairs? Have a clear understanding of what needs renovating. Once that is clear, you can begin to understand how much it can cost, an expansive renovation will cost more.

What is your budget?

The most critical factor with home renovation is the budget you have on hand. Your budget will define the order of importance regarding what needs renovation. We do not recommend beginning any renovation project without a clear budget outlined, in addition to having the funds on hand.

Who’s going to be renovating?

Certain renovations can have specific jobs be carried out by the homeowner, however, certain aspects such as electrics have to be completed by a registered electrician who ensures it is compliant with ‘Part P’ of building regulations.
Of course, a renovation that you physically oversee and conduct can save a lot of money. But if you have no experience, the price it would cost to pay professional builders/ interior designers etc would probably save you a whole lot of hassle and headache.

The size of the property

Naturally, a larger property will have more space to work on, which in turn can result in more time spent, and more resources used in renovating it, which can contribute to a higher price.

The age and condition of the property

An old dilapidated house will require far more internal and external work to become safe and liveable. If your building is grade 2 listed, then you would require further permission to renovate it.

Where you live

This factor directly affects pricing simply because of rates provided by local contractors. It can be relatively affordable or extremely expensive. This tends to increase if the property is in an area full of affluent housing.

Home renovation (with extension) factors

If you are considering an extension as part of your renovation of the home, there are a few additional factors to consider.

Planning permission

Planning permission is not required if the extension is no more than half the area of land around the original house. However, any more than that, it must be submitted. Planning permission also requires a small fee to obtain, in addition to other factors.

Getting an architect

An architect is going to work alongside you to ensure that your extension is viable. This means that it is achievable and safe for the occupants and those around the house. Having the help of a seasoned architect can be the difference in having your planning permission accepted or not. Of course, architects will charge for their services.

Building costs

Creating a building from scratch can be a strenuous process, ground has to be levelled and secure for a structure to be built on top of it. That process alone factors in costs such as hiring specialist equipment, labour costs per site worker, resources, hiring a skip to place any junk, and so much more.
These costs only increase when the structure of the extension is erected, and then the walls are built, then when we consider plastering, flooring, electrics, and other specifications you require, it is safe to say that building costs can quickly eat your budget if you aren’t careful.

Are There Services That Can Help Me Renovate My House?

Yes. Thanks to our years of experience Albino Builders are now in a position in which you can outsource your entire home renovation to us, At a fixed price.

Our experience in home renovation includes…
  • Single room remodelling
  • House modernisation
  • Updating property
Full house rebuilding and renovation projects
Our time within the industry has allowed us to undertake renovation projects that include country cottages, farmhouses, barn conversions and modern houses. With us, you will have dedicated project managers to oversee each aspect of your renovation. We provide a full project plan and cost breakdown for you. We do this so we can ensure that your home is completed professionally, on time, and on your budget.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a renovation project of any size. We are here to discuss your requirements. Our staff can provide professional advice and can arrange a no-obligation quote for you to consider.

Where to Enquire About Home Renovation

Within this blog, we hope that we have you all the answers you need, and more in addressing the question ‘How much will it cost to renovate a house?’
As a family-run business spanning over 40 years, Albino Builders prides itself on the connections and services we have cultivated during our time, helping people who need our expertise. You can find some of our completed projects here.
Whether it’s a personal service or a project we can undertake, we are more than happy to give advice wherever necessary.
Don’t hesitate to call us. Our years of experience mean we have a range of skills and trades that can enable us to complete your project. But we don’t rest on our laurels, we endeavour to keep up with an ever-developing industry, and as a result, we make sure our staff are trained to the correct industry standard.
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