Many hotels choose to remodel for various reasons. Some want to reposition their brand, some want to compete effectively, and some simply want to upgrade their current layout or capabilities.

Whatever your reason to remodel is, this blog post will share some remodelling ideas that could help improve your hotel’s quality, appearance, or brand image.

What Is Hotel Remodelling?

Remodelling revolves around changing your building’s structure, style, or form, in this case, your hotel. More often than not, renovation and remodelling often get mixed up or used as the same descriptive term. Renovation refers to altering something to its previous state; remodelling, on the other hand, refers to creating something new, often modernising a building.

Why Should a Hotel Remodel?

You should consider remodelling your hotel to keep up with the demanding needs of a changing market. Improving, updating and modernising your hotel will allow you to stand out and compete within a highly competitive market.

Remodelling is also a great way to increase the value of your building when done right.

Hotel Remodelling Ideas

Here are some remodelling ideas for your hotel.


First impressions really do matter, especially when it comes to your hotel. You want guests to enter and instantly feel at ease, ready to make this building their home for the duration of their stay. You should create a space that provides a casual and comfortable area while having a formal area for different needs.

Revamp the Bedrooms

If the hotel bedrooms feel dull and tired, why not remodel and infuse a bit of modern style into the décor. Open up the space, and use a colour palette that matches your brand image. You could incorporate new textures, materials and furniture to tie the room together.

You are creating an experience for your hotel guests, not just providing them with a place to stay.

Modernise Your Bathrooms

Your guests want to be impressed, and it doesn’t stop at the entrance and bedrooms. Why not update the tiling, showers and décor of your bathroom to bring it up to style. Incorporate spa-inspired features into your bathroom, as your guests will love modern waterfall shower or decorative pieces.


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