No one likes to be cold in their own home, especially in winter! Imagine having to sleep while shivering, thinking you have left the window open when in fact, your heating installation is simply not working. Luckily, there are signs you can be on the lookout for that help minimise the chance of your heating failing.

Below you will see a few signs that your boiler installation might be broken or about to break down. We hope these signs will prompt you to take action and to fix your heating installation.

No Warmth

The main and most obvious way to tell that your heating installation is not working is if your heating system does not warm up. It might take a while for most radiators to become warm, but if you are experiencing no warmth at all, this can be a sign of a broken heating installation.

Gas/Electric Bill Increase

If you notice a sudden surge in your gas or electric bill, depending on the type of boiler you have, it might be a sign that you have a broken heating installation. We recommend that you contact a professional immediately to reduce the cost of your bill.

Strange Sounds

Another way to determine if your boiler is broken is if you hear strange sounds coming from your appliance. Many modern boilers produce minimal noise, so it is a tell-tale sign if yours starts to make strange sounds.

Certain sounds can indicate a specific problem; however, a professional would be able to locate the sound. For example, a rumbling in your boiler might indicate that the system is overheating. In contrast, a clicking could indicate a crack in the heat exchanger, which is a serious concern that requires immediate action.


The age of your boiler might also be an indicator that it needs replacing, as it might break down frequently or not be as efficient.


Another sign that your heating installation might be broken is if you notice an unpleasant smell. If you start to smell burning metal, plastic or oil from your heating system, it could be overheating. Bad smells are a key sign that your heating system needs to be fixed by a professional.

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