Hiring a builder can be daunting. You might ask yourself questions such as, who do I hire? Will they scam me? I’ve seen stories online where builders ran away with the money, will that happen to me?

This blog post will touch on those worries, answer all your questions about how to choose the best builder for your residential project and provide you with advice and tips. Finding the right builder for you doesn’t have to be scary or confusing.

Here are our helpful tips on how to find the best builder for your residential project.


The first tip is reasonably straight forward and simply involves asking family and friends about the builders they hired. Recommendations from family and friends will be honest, and you will be able to see the completed work first-hand


Ask your potential builder to provide references for previous customers he/she has done work for. Contact those references provided and ask questions such as:

  • Did the builder’s finish the project on time?
  • Did they work within the budget provided?
  • Did they complete the project?
  • Were they willing to answer questions about the build?
  • How was the site of the project left on completion?

Asking questions before the project starts allows you to gain insight into how the builders will perform.


Don’t just work with the first builder you find, you can look around and ask for quotes from different builders. We recommend obtaining a minimum of three quotes from various builders and don’t just opt for the cheapest one. Look into what each builder can offer and what their references said as well as the details of the contract.


Speaking of contracts, make sure you read the one between the builders and yourself to outline the specific requirements. Make sure the contract includes everything you need, within your budget, and outlines the cost, completion time, drawings and schedules.

Make sure your contract also includes possible ‘what if’ situations such as if the work changes along the way. The essential factor is to discuss this with the builder.

Working with us

Albino Builders can service your house building project from start to finish, so if you are struggling to find the right builder, we are here to help. If you would like to contact us to discuss your project, you can contact us for a quote, or to discuss requirements.