Today, the once humble bathroom is finding itself as a haven for futuristic innovations that we’d only previously seen in science fiction. Smart technology is making the bathroom a place full of gizmos and gadgets, and it’s even changing things like toilets and temperature control.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, these changes are only going to grow and gather in pace. And that’s why we’ve decided to take stock on the very latest bathroom innovations and offer you a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Vitra V-Care

The Vitra V-Care is to normal toilets what a Ferrari is to a Ford Fiesta – it’s that advanced.

The Vitra V-Care carries remote activation technology, which means you can open and close the seat via the handheld peripheral control. At the same time, this space-age innovation also gives you the ability to adjust spray levels, drying intensity and water temperature – all without ever having actually to touch the Vitra V-Care. The design is contemporary, but the technology is most definitely futuristic.

Aqualisa Q Smart

A good, powerful shower is always the perfect antidote to a long day, and the Aqualisa Q Smart brings showers into the 21st century for a superior, tailored experience.

The main attraction here is the excellent build quality – and it really is great – and the attendant My Q technology. This enables you to select a vast range of shower settings and set the perfect temperature with a few simple button presses. There’s no messing with adjustable taps or valves here! The onboard My Q technology also empowers you to change the outlet of water, the flow power and, if you’re in a rush, the duration of the shower.

Bathroom Brands Digital

Bathroom Brands are known for their great design and forward-looking approach, and the Bathroom Brands Digital is no exception.

This is a fully digital shower that you could imagine Bill Gates enjoying himself in, as it offers a comprehensive set of tools and technology for the perfect, relaxing shower experience. Coming in a retro and futuristic design – the ‘1910’ and ‘2025’, respectively – the Bathroom Brands Digital shower offers extremely fine, precise temperature control and beautiful looks.

It offers the type of shower experience that most people dream of, and it even has colour changing controls built-in. It’s an innovative, brilliantly designed piece of technology and a definite sneak-peak of the future. If you are considering a renovation of your bathroom or its features, visit Albino Builders Ltd. Today. We offer a range of building and specialist services, with 40 years’ experience behind us.