Who doesn’t love a late-night pizza? The smell, the texture, the taste – all of it is simply perfection. The combination of toppings you can have seems endless, while the pizza crust never fails to impress. While many believe they can only get outstanding quality pizzas at a restaurant, we are here to share some happy news.

You can enjoy a freshly cooked, mouth-watering pizza at home after freshly baking it in an outdoor pizza oven. We are not talking about those frozen pizzas from supermarkets either; we are talking about the real deal.

An outdoor pizza oven can transform the way you enjoy pizza, and we are here to share the top 4 benefits of why you need one.

Summertime Catch-Up

We all spent time apart from our loved ones in 2020 and the start of 2021. It is exciting to meet up with loved ones again in the summer. An outdoor pizza oven can bring everyone together as you sit outside on a hot day while the wonderful smell of pizza fills the air.


Many people claim that pizzas cooked in an outdoor pizza oven are superior to other pizzas in terms of flavour and taste. Many say that this process positively affects the flavour to make your pizza even more delicious.


Even though an outdoor pizza oven has pizza in its name, that doesn’t mean it is the only food it makes. In fact, pizza ovens are very versatile and can cook various foods, such as bread, roasts, fish, cakes and more.

You can potentially have an outdoor buffet ready for your friends and family.

Cooking Time

The only thing better than pizza is fast pizza.

When you crave pizza, it never cooks quickly enough, but you will find that it does cook quicker with a pizza oven. Also, since a pizza oven can reach higher temperatures, you will notice that pizza cooking time is cut, meaning you can quickly enjoy the delicious taste of pizza.

Your Pizza Oven

We have completed a project involving a pizza oven before, so we are happy to cater to your specific requirements and needs. We are happy to discuss your needs as we can suggest a specific service for your project. Contact Albino Builders today to get the ball rolling in time for summer.